Web Marketing from Online Details

“The Internet is an inexhaustible tool for promotion of products and services and this is one aspect that cannot remain untapped. We provide the Marketing Department the necessary tools for a successful and efficient online promotion and advertising.”

We know how to use it

We design brands for our customers, we administrate online advertising campaigns, we optimize their website content for the search engines and we offer the Marketing Department solutions for communication and promotion.

Search Engine Optimization

​The search engine optimization (SEO) consists of all those techniques that should be used so that a website can appear the highest possible in search engine results for all relevant keywords.
In order to achieve this, we need technical and content interventions in a website in a scalable and repeatable process in time, during which the expert monitors and updates the website accordingly. The websites that we create are SEO-friendly, however we undertake the optimization of a website on demand with stunning results.

Online Advertising

One of the most important methods for promoting the approach of new audience is online advertising. Unlike the traditional advertising, the online one has the ability to bring you into contact with several people in areas that you could never approach in the past. The online advertising mostly operates with the pay-per-click (PPC) model.  According to this model, when someone searches for something in a search engine (eg. Google, Bing, etc.) and clicks on the advertising, then the advertiser is charged a certain amount.
Such a campaign requires careful design and management by an expert in this field, concerning the keywords used, their relevance, effectiveness and cost as well as the evolution of the campaign over time in order to maximize its effectiveness.

E-mail & SMS Marketing

The email marketing has become a very popular method of searching new customers, as well as of keeping in touch with the existing ones. It consists of targeted and methodical sending of newsletters or even SMS. We undertake to design and send your newsletters, whether it is a single newsletter or an entire campaign and we provide the necessary tools to ensure proper monitoring of a campaign with full statistical analysis of the outcome.
Our services are offered with subscription for the amount of time that you need them, without requiring any investment for the development and initial configuration of the systems.

​Social Media Campaigns

The social media networks, such as Facebook, Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn and many more, have created a massive virtual web space, in which millions of people all over the world communicate and interact on a daily basis.
These networks can be used as tools for promoting products and services in a very efficient manner. We design and manage the advertising campaigns and we undertake all the technical part.

Brand Design

We design full and integrated brands for our customers, starting from the logo to corporate documents, brochures and folders, entries in magazines, billboards, the company car, etc. Our experienced creative department is an integral part in all our services and activities, both concerning the unique web design and the creation of a new brand.
The raw material will be the responsibility of your company.

Web Marketing

Viral Marketing

If we are already involved with Social Media, the viral marketing will constitute a continuous partner, as it constitutes one of the most valuable tools. However, even if we have not done it yet, it is a very interesting, cheap and in some cases very efficient method.
The Viral Marketing uses existing communication channels (such as Facebook, Youtube, an email with a game or a video, etc.) in order to produce an effect (awareness, purchase, data collection etc.) exactly in the same way as a virus would spread. The message is reproduced by each recipient who will send it to another one. The main requirement for a good result is to generate interest to the recipient and to be either a VERY important information or a very cool/funny/unique information. In this group, we can also include games (usually mini-flash games) of advertising/promotional content.

​Affiliate Marketing

Else words our online sellers. The main chain consists of:
Producer / seller – (Inter)network – affiliate / seller / partner – consumer. In many cases in which there are hundreds, if not thousands of affiliates, between the network and the affiliate, there is one more link, the agency, which is responsible for the collaboration. Several “big ones” have chosen to do this part by themselves quite effectively (see Amazon). From our part, we can offer the appropriate incentives and create a distribution network wherever we believe that our product can have demand.

 “Trust us your e-mail and all the rest is our job…”