Web Development from Online Details

“We design technologically integrated solutions and we help our customers communicate with their users in a better and more direct way, as well as explore new methods of cooperation and develop their way of working. We offer all the above without charging a fortune…”

Web applications development

Many of the applications that can be found on the Internet nowadays have been largely standardized. However, the potential of this tool are practically inexhaustible. More and more processes can be automated by increasing our productivity and reducing the operating costs. It only needs imagination and expertise.

The right time for online services

​Information spreads rapidly around the world through websites, portals, information websites, forums, social networks, blogs, etc. Communication is rapid, direct and enriched with all multimedia potential. The online stores help our products and services to reach all interested parties, in all geographical lengths and widths. B2B systems interconnect businesses and automate the processes through which they collaborate.
The situation developed allows us to claim with certainty that the development of new services is an investment in the right direction.

Content Management Systems

Content management systems (CMS) constitute an area of growth, where we have great experience. A CMS allows users with no technical expertise to manage the content of a website or an online service in general. It is a system which requires high expertise and experience, concerning the needs and specificities of each website.
We have also developed our own content management systems for our customers, with potential ranging from managing specific areas of a website to its full management. These systems offer the user the ability to edit categories and subcategories, menus, texts, files, specific locations, user and everything else a website can need, whether this is a common need or a completely specialized one.

Web Development

Web Application Development

Along with the CMS, we have the possibility to primarily develop any other web application required. We have long experience in this field, because our people have built numerous applications in the past both in the private and in the public research sector. We always use open and accessible technologies.

Solutions Integration

Solutions integration consists in developing new solutions, by using other old or new ones. No system can serve all our possible needs and for this reason, “we often face problems that can be solved by a combined and integrated use of more than one system, which we configure and interconnect depending on demands. This requires expertise, experience and creativity.