Web Design from Online Details

“We design and implement the means that promote our customers’ online presence.
We treat each project with the same seriousness, regardless of its size and we are always proud of the outcome.”

The web design today

The terms” web design” mean the website design and development. It is a process which requires art and technique, aesthetics and expertise.
Today’s rules for web design require stylish and functional websites with rich content and respect on the Internet’s standards.

Our principles

​We treat our work with great respect. We love technology and we try to be creative. Each project is different, each customer is unique. This is why our designs correspond to your specific needs and are unique and original.
We want to contribute to a more elegant and functional side of the Internet.

E-shops B2B & B2C

The use and adoption of a software platform for electronic business (e-business software suite) can easily and quickly lead a business into a sharp increase of its competitiveness and extroversion with very low cost.  You can find the right solution for every need in modern e-business and e-commerce applications. There are numerous successful case studies from b2b, b2c solutions and many other applications, which are available to you in order to choose the most appropriate technology and platform that fit the need of your business.

Web Sites & Portals

The appearance and content of a company’s website constitutes its “image” to millions of users around the globe. Having true knowledge and sense of responsibility, we study, design and implement websites, respecting high standards of functionality and aesthetics. Our experienced advisers assess the special needs of each workplace, the competition and demands of modern business, in order to determine the structure and content of the new website, always in collaboration with the manager of each company.
All our projects comply with the internationally recognized standards for interfunctionabilty and accessibility for all. We strongly focus on the optimization of our projects, in order to make them “friendly” to the search engines (search engine friendly design) and directly and successfully mark their content to them. There is development potential in all widely known platforms of commercial and open software. The methodology used by the analysis and design of your website has been implemented in hundreds of projects and guarantees your satisfaction with the final outcome.

Web Design

E-learning Synchronous & Asynchronous

Are you ready to meet the challenges of a modern digital era in education? Get to know the first integrated information system for digital learning procedures management. Move to the modern era of digital learning, enriching the traditional learning with digital possibilities. Remove the geographical boundaries and make your educational product available around the world! Get new customers using the power of the Internet and increase your revenue by reducing your costs.

Blogs & Content Publishing

The Internet is the perfect place for content publication, whether for a corporate presentation or a simple news publication. It is a tool that can be used to reach all audiences in very short time.

​Mobile Web Experiences

Mobile web or –in other words- Mobile Internet is another way to reach the target audience. Each mobile devise constitutes an engine with Internet access and the use of this function is under continuous increase. Nowadays, a mobile website can be visited by most telephone devices.
We create modern mobile webs that are not less important than the traditional ones and we develop applications that take advantage of their potential.